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Martial Arts

We are now offering Martial Arts Classes at our Maumee location for children and adults of all Ages!

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Benefits of Martial Arts

Self Defense

We'll teach you techniques to defend yourself and help build up your reflexes

Self Confidence

When your child is involved in Martial Arts it generally improves there self confidence through learning a new technique or graduating to a new belt


Teaches your child that progress requires patience and repitition.


Martial Artists are known for being physically fit and flexible. Classes with children are highly focused on movement and staying active.


One of the most important components of Martial Arts. Children will regularly learn about showing respect for self, parents, teachers, and other students at all times.

Athletic Development

Professional athletes have used Martial Arts as a way to improve their skills on and off the field.

Location and Time

Tuesday and Thursday at the Maumee Soccer centre

Ages: 5-12 | Time: 6-7pm
Ages: 13 and older | Time: 7-8pm

More information included on registration form.