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Rossford Dome Rules

The Referees are the ultimate authority on the field

Games at the Dome will be played by outdoors rules

  • Sliding is allowed
  • Offsides will be enforced
  • The ball is in play at all times unless indicated by the referee. Always play until the whistle.
  • When the ball leaves the field of play it will result in a throw-in, a goal kick, or a corner kick
  • Substitutions must be motioned on by the referee

For any broad ranging questions please refer to the FIFA Laws of the Game. This is not our official rule book, but instead a detailed guide of general soccer rules.

If you are unsure of any rule, please contact the front desk before the game. We ask that any complaints or issues that you have during the game please be saved until an appropriate time after the game has ended. We do our best to keep our referees accountable and professional, but there will always be mistakes and missed calls. Please keep this in mind when viewing the matches. “Everyone must respect the match officials and their decisions, remembering and respecting that referees are human and will make mistakes”- Taken from FIFA’s Laws of the Game


Teams must submit official team roster to the office before the first game of the session.

Player(s) may not be removed from the roster. A player may be added to the roster only by approval of the building administrator and done 48 hrs. prior to the game. After a teams 4th game no players may be added. Roster size is limited to 18 players per team.

Players may play for two teams in each division. However, if a player plays on two teams, he/she must indicate which is his/her primary team for the game in which the two teams play each other.

All players must be registered and waiver signed before stepping on the field. Liability for this will rest with team representative.

A player used as a substitute can be added to a roster, but it must be done 48 hours prior to the game. If a team has a player that is not on the roster, the team will have to forfeit the game regardless of the actual outcome.

All teams must have a rostered coach at each game. Three coaches may be rostered for each team. Coaches must be 21 years or older. A roster check may be done before each game in order to verify presence of coach and registered players.


The equipment of a player is a team uniform, shin guards, and soccer specific footwear. A player's footwear may be cleats or turfs. Also, footwear must have non-marking soles. Players shall not be permitted to wear necklaces, chains, earrings, or bracelets. Rings and other jewelry shall be removed. Any cast worn must be properly padded to satisfaction of the referee. Players will not be allowed to participate until their equipment meets the approval of the referee. A caution shall be given to the offender who enters the game having failed to carry out the equipment adjustment.


Teams are required to have matching jerseys or t-shirts. The goalkeeper shall wear colors that distinguish him from field players and the referee. The home team must change if there is a color conflict or if the referee deems the change necessary.

Game Ball

A game ball must be provided by either team before the match begins. The Soccer Centre is not responsible for providing a game ball.


Substitutions can occur on any stoppage of play but must be motioned on by the referee. All substitutes should stand at the midline to indicate that they are ready to enter the field of play. It is up to the ref to decide when and if a sub is allowed onto the field of play. This allows for the game to flow and to continue at an appropriate pace. There will be times where subbing on an out of bounds would disrupt the game and the referee is able to allow play to continue even if the subs are at the midline.

Ejections, Violations and Suspensions

Any red card will result in the player being ejected from the field of play and the team will then play with a man down until the final whistle.

An ejected coach may not, from the time of his ejection until the conclusion of the game, have any communication with the team's players in the arena. The game will be forfeited unless there is another rostered coach present.

Suspensions for any red cards will be issued on a case to case basis. Not every red card will result in a ban. We understand that clubs and teams are using this indoor time to prepare for the outdoor season and for most non-violent offences a ban will not occur. The referees and Soccer Centre management will convene to decide if the offence necessitates a ban and will contact the club with their decision.

Game Length
  • All 11v11 (U13 and up) games are 50 minutes straight (unless both coaches agree to a halftime before the game begins and tell the ref(s) before the first whistle)
  • All 7v7 (U9/10) and 9v9 (U11/12) games consist of 25-minute halves with a 3 minute half time. If the teams are still not on the field by 5 minutes, the referee will start the clock and that time will be lost.
Number of Players

U6-U8= 4v4 with 4 field players
U9-U10= 7v7 with 6 field players and a goalie
U11-U12= 9v9 with 8 field players and a goalie
U13-U20= 11v11 with 10 field players and a goalie
Men’s Open= 8v8 with 7 field players and a goalie

Goalie Restrictions and Rules
  • The goalkeeper may not handle a ball that was intentionally passed back from a teammate. This is not a penalty kick but will instead be an indirect kick from where the goalie handled the ball.
  • Six Second Distribution: A goalkeeper in possession of the ball within the penalty area must put ball into play within six seconds of having received the ball.
  • A goalkeeper who receives the ball with his feet outside the penalty area cannot bring the ball back into his penalty area and handle it unless it has been touched by another opposing player inside the box.
  • Goalkeeper may not handle the ball outside of penalty area. If the ball is completely out of the penalty area, a free kick will be given.
  • The goalkeeper shall have clear possession of the ball when it is held in both hands or pinned against the floor with both hands. If the ball is bobbled or the goalie does not have clear control of the ball, it is still a live ball.
Field Restrictions
  • 7v7 games have buildout lines which means on any goal kick, foul inside the line, or whenever the goalie has possession of the ball the other team must stand behind the buildout line.
  • Offsides on the 7v7 field is only on the offensive side of the buildout line.
  • Goalies are not allowed to punt the ball on the 7v7 field.
  • U11 and younger may not head the ball. If they do, it will result in an indirect kick. It is up to the referee’s discretion to decide what was an intentional header. If the ball accidentally makes contact with a player’s head, the ref may choose to allow play to continue.
  • If the ball hits the ceiling, it is a dropkick from where the ball hit.
  • If the ball hits one of the wires or hooks that hold the divider nets, it is up to the referee’s discretion whether play should continue. If it directly affects the game, an indirect kick should be taken from where the ball hit the wire/hook.

If a team wants to reschedule a game, the coach or manager has to first contact the office and find out dates and times that the field is available. Then, the coach/manager has to contact the opposing coach/manager to see if they will reschedule. After a new date and time has been agreed upon, BOTH coaches must contact the office to okay the game change. No games will be changed until both coaches have contacted the office. The Dome staff will do their best to facilitate the reschedule, however it is up to the teams to get in their changes. Any games that are not rescheduled will result in a forfeit for the team that originally postponed the game with the exception of opposing coach/managers refusal to cooperate. If the opposing team will not cooperate, the Dome staff will intercede and arbitrate.

  • Points
  • Head to Head
  • Goals Against
  • Goal Differential
  • Most Shutouts
  • Coin Toss

For your convienence we've included a downloadable field locations map below.

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